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Large SUV

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Americans love big SUVs. At the top end of the large SUV segment sit the biggest, brawniest and most capable people movers that demand little compromise from buyers except perhaps on fuel economy and handling. That’s because most large SUVs are truck chassis with an SUV body on top (called body-on-frame), unlike the midsize SUVs, which are mostly unibody vehicles (the chassis and body are one unit) that use less gas and drive more like cars. Most large SUVs are square-shaped and use powerful yet thirsty V6 or V8 engines with four-wheel-drive systems, which add weight and impact aerodynamics.

For 2021 GM added a diesel option to its Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban and Escalade that does nothing to shave pounds but stretches overall range and efficiency beyond that of gas counterparts. Aside from obvious shortcomings, large SUVs are people (not just kid) hauling, toy pulling, rock crawling and cargo carrying superstars. And many of them are loaded with modern tech (think surround-view camera and air suspension) that helps eliminate the burden of their hulking size, especially when driving around town or navigating tight parking lots. They also often offer luxury appointments that help match the package to the price tag so consumers feel confident about making a (sometimes) six figure purchase. These are the best large SUVs available for 2021 and include a mix of 2020 and 2021 model year vehicles.

The big, bold Navigator is Lincoln’s flagship SUV and as such is supremely comfortable, beautifully understated and packs a powerful engine. Despite the SUV’s vast size, its look is understated and doesn’t come off as too flashy or loud. It’s feature-stuffed interior offers family-friendly storage spaces and more than enough room for up to eight people and gear.

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