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2 Front Windows

Front Windows

We use a technology-based, 100% precision-cut system, enabling us to install your tint fast and with total accuracy – as well as produce amazing custom tint designs!

Automotive Window tints or film have become an absolute necessity for every car owner in Pakistan; the deduction of heat by a good tint drastically improves the comfort of a vehicle.

With so many Car window tinting options, it is pivotal for one to chose the correct tint, so it is a no brainer for one to go for the pioneer and leader of Car tints, 3M.

It’s Fast.

Once we have your vehicle selected in our advanced software system, we simply point, click and go!

It’s Accurate.

Our “micro-edge” film cut technology makes tint film application quick, flawless, and ready to apply!

It’s Custom.

We have a complete library of cool tint cut designs including the ability to add your own custom cut window film design.

One of the most acclaimed Automotive films in the Industry is the 3M Crystalline Series. The aforementioned film took the Automotive industry by storm two decades ago, and Film manufactures are still struggling to replicate it.  Apart from the Crystalline Series, 3M also offers an equally impressive film known as the Color Stable Series Film. Both of the aforementioned series are exclusively  available at Protek Car Care

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